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About Asian Society For Fertility Preservation

The Asian Society for Fertility Preservation is a group of professionals who have come together to make the dream of fertility preservation a reality.

Our members are recognized leaders with expertise in all aspects of fertility preservation including, oncology, reproductive medicine, gynaecology, paediatrics, urology, psychology, and reproductive law. The common vision which binds us together is our passion to reach out for each and every individual who needs to preserve the fertility of their own or of their patients or loved ones.

Keeping the vision of Fertility Preservation in mind, this organisation was conceived under the energetic and able guidance of Dr. Nalini Mahajan, an eminent name in the field of reproductive medicine, in 2014.

Based on our collective clinical experience, we understand how distressing a diagnosis of infertility can be especially if it is irreversible and preventable. So many aspects of an individual’s life are altered the moment they hear those words, “You can’t have your own babies.” Anybody who has worked in the field of reproductive medicine can vouch for the fact that the most difficult decision for any couple or an individual is to go with donor gametes. And what if we can predict the loss of fertility and take appropriate steps to preserve it.

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